Friday, December 3, 2010

How to write image of the Dreambox 500c

Now turn "images". I said the image refers to software, which includes use of television recording, and other operating system and applications. In its devices, we usually call it firmware. But image appears in the Dreambox, the widely-used. It includes the control of the Linux operating system and hardware recording broadcast television applications.

You can download the latest Dreambox 500c manufacturer website of the official image. If your Dreambox version below it, you should definitely upgrade it, because multiple launch plug - 1.3 b request of not less than this version. To write image, you can use dream Up and with serial line, LAN or use root.cramfs law. The last method is the method I recommend, through FTP upload to Dreambox image will be the tmp directory, rename it for root cramps, Dreambox went into the setup menu, select Software Update, the re-elect manual update.

Please make sure that you are using the image is correct, otherwise you will become Dreambox 500c may have to return to the system as to the repair of electronic garbage. If you want to remove the flash, leaving an image of all personal settings, in guiding logo appeared on the screen at the same time near the Dreambox, and the next button. LCD there will be”Flash erase" information, and then Dreambox will reopen. If Dreambox crashed in the process, it can also press the restart button of the three devices, or unplug the power cord.

Now you have basically ready recorded. If you set up multiple start on the environment, and watched the installation of a customized image examples interested can click on the link in the text above.

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